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Interpol is the International Criminal Police Organization. Headquartered in Lyon, France, it has 195 signatory nation members, and its goal is the coordination and cooperation of law enforcement to control international crime. INTERPOL manages efforts to combat narcotics smuggling, human trafficking, illegal arms trading, and terrorist activities.

To do this, INTERPOL maintains a network of databases within its member nations. These databases continually trade information on wanted persons, terrorist organizations, missing individuals, and stolen items. Once someone’s name has been placed on the INTERPOL database, it is very difficult to have it removed.

About us

INTERPOL law is one of the most complicated areas of international law. If you find yourself in a foreign country needing criminal defense, if you’ve been arrested on an INTERPOL Red Notice or been detained for further investigation, you need the assistance of an experienced Interpol Lawyer immediately.

The consequences of extradition or arrest in a foreign country can be severe. The laws of your home country no longer apply, and you need help from someone who understands both local laws and the requirements of international law and procedures.

A Red Notice is the nearest thing to an international arrest warrant. When a Red Notice is issued, it puts all 195 INTERPOL countries on alert that the subject is wanted and must be detained until someone from the issuing nation can arrange for their extradition. A Diffusion is similar, though less formal.

Although police cannot seek you out and arrest you if there is a Red Notice or Diffusion against you, you can be detained at any border crossing or airport. In some countries, hotels will provide guest information to the local police, who routinely check tourists against INTERPOL lists.

If you plan to travel, it is essential you check to see if you are on any INTERPOL databases, and have your name removed.

If you are traveling abroad for business or pleasure, you may need to check your status on social media or other background sites. Let our team do an international data check to make sure your information is not being used for improper purposes before you head to another country.

If you believe your name may be on an INTERPOL database, don’t wait. Call Interpol Lawyer today.

Interpol Lawyer Represented Clients Worldwide

We have the experience necessary to help remove your name from INTERPOL Databases.

Dealing with INTERPOL is not the same as calling the local police department or chatting with the District Attorney. We have clients in countries around the world whom we have helped get their names off of INTERPOL Databases, challenged Red Notices, and avoid unnecessary deportation.

Whenever you must interact with international authorities, you need attorneys who understand international law and INTERPOL. You need the expertise and knowledge of Interpol Lawyer.

Do you need legal advice? If INTERPOL is involved you do!

If you need to challenge a Red Notice or Diffusion, you should contact an attorney right away. INTERPOL’s rules are complicated, and they do not provide legal aid for anyone who is facing possible arrest and deportation. No country signatory to INTERPOL has a requirement to provide legal counsel for someone who wants to challenge a Red Notice or wants to have their name removed from INTERPOL’s database. You need an Interpol Lawyer.

How Do I Get My Name Removed?

An organization called the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL FIles (CCF) monitors INTERPOL to be sure the agency is following its own rules. Either you or your attorney can contact the CCF and request access to the INTERPOL Files and find out your status.

Once you know if you are in the files, and if there is a Red Notice or Diffusion against you, you should definitely contact an attorney. The process for removing your name from the files is difficult and involves international law and multiple agencies.

  • You can ask the authorities in the issuing nation to remove the information. You will need someone who understands the legal system in that country to help you with this, and may need to contact your embassy or consulate.
  • You can sometimes ask your local or Federal agencies in your home nation to ask INTERPOL to remove your name. Again, you will need an attorney to represent you, and you may need to contact other government officials.
  • You can contact the CCF and ask them to recommend your information be removed. The CCF has its own requirements for removal of data, and your attorney can assist you with this step.

No matter what you choose, getting your name removed from the INTERPOL databases requires the assistance of a skilled legal team that understands international and INTERPOL law. You need the services of an Interpol Lawyer to help you.


We Remove your Name from INTERPOL Databases

Types of Interpol Notices

There are eight INTERPOL notices in use today, seven color-coded, and an eighth notice issued by the U.N. Security Council.

A Red Notice is the closest thing available to an international arrest warrant. It is issued when a member nation wants a subject detained for extradition.

A Blue Notice is issued for subjects who may have witnessed a crime or have information about a suspect, so that the subject may be located and contacted.

Yellow Notices are issued for missing persons.

Orange Notices warn of imminent dangers to persons or property caused by events, persons, or objects.

Purple Notices are sent to other law enforcement agencies to provide information helpful in tracking criminals, criminal organizations, or terrorists.

A Green Notice is issued if the subject is a possible threat to public safety but no warrant has yet been issued.

A Black Notice is issued when the issuing country needs assistance identifying a body.

The U.N. security Council will issue a Special Notice when an individual or entity has been placed under U.N. sanctions.

Once a Red Notice or Diffusion has been cleared, INTERPOL should notify all member countries that this has been done, and request that all downloaded data be deleted. That does not mean that this happens immediately. You should confirm that this has been done, or have your attorney do so before attempting any international travel.

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